Anesthesia methods developed to ensure that the patient spends the hair transplantation process carefree, painless and hassle-free constitute a very important part of medical procedures. The painless hair transplant procedure aims to eliminate the local anesthetic injection pain experienced by the patient during the process of removing follicular unit grafts as well as the transplantation process.

Sedation is also one of the types of anesthesia. The combination of sedation analgesic (pain reliever) and sedative (relaxing) medication combination is given intravenously by anesthesiologist. After the application, the patient has mild sleepiness, a feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Patient’s consciousness is open and it is possible to talk with the patient. The method can be performed in patients who have hair loss by using methods such as FUE and DHI.

Hair Transplant With Sedation is generally preferred method for patients who:

  •  Have intense fear of operation
  •  Have a fear of needles
  •  Have an extremely sensitive pain tolerance
  •  Experience mild to severe anxiety